Change4Life provides information and activities aimed at getting you or your children eating well, moving more and living longer.

These days, 'modern life' can mean that we are a lot less active. With so many opportunities to watch TV or play computer games, and with so much convenience and fast food available, we don't move about as much, or eat as well as we used to.

Joining Change4Life is a brilliant first step to help you or your family to be healthier and happier. It's free and a quick online assessment can help you discover the right places for you to start making a change.

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Making a change to your lifestyle doesn't need to be difficult; with a little help, it can be rewarding and fun. See the following sections on the Change4Life website to get started:

Eat well

  • Shopping tips - tips for making healthier meals that needn't cost a lot of money.
  • Cooking and meal ideas - use the meal mixer for healthier meal ideas or search the recipe finder.
  • Breakfast - getting the best start to the day by having a good breakfast is an important part of being healthy.
  • Lunches and picnics - see lunchbox lists that vary week by week for different age groups and ideas for picnics.
  • Snacks - see these healthier snack ideas for adults and children.
  • Sugar swaps - swapping sugary snacks and drinks for ones that are lower in sugar can make a huge difference to calorie intake.
  • Cut back on fat - we all know too much fat is bad for us, but we don't always know where it's lurking.
  • 5 a day - it's easier than you think to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Watch the salt - you might think you don't eat much salt, especially if you don't add it to your food, but don't be so sure.
  • Healthy eating tips - simple tips to get you and your family into great healthy eating habits.

Move more

  • Get going every day - building activity into your day keeps your heart healthy, reduces your risk of serious illness and strengthens muscles and bones. It can also be a great way of reducing your stress levels and lifting your mood if you're feeling down.
  • Active travel - making active travel choices can be an easy way to fit activity into your day.
  • Active holiday planner - family holiday activity planner.
  • The fun generator - use this tool to find indoor and outdoor activities for any number of children. You can also download the fun generator mobile app.
  • Get active with LazyTown - ways to encourage kids aged two to five to be more active and eat healthier food.
  • Hobbies and sports - being active is all about having fun. If we don't enjoy it, we won't keep it up. We all deserve to spend some time doing something we enjoy.

Drink less alcohol

Find activities in your local area

If you're looking for something to do, Change4Life has details of hundreds of places where you can have fun and get active. There's something for all the family. Why not try something new?

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