Youth Justice Jargon Buster

Abbreviation Meaning
AA Appropriate Adult
ACO Attendance Centre Order
APO Action Plan Order
ASBO Anti-Social Behaviour Order
BSS Bail Supervision and Support
CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
CIN Children in Need
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CSC Children’s Social Care
CYPS Children and Young People’s Service
DAAR Drugs & Alcohol Arrest Referral
DTO Detention and Training Order
DTTO Drug Treatment and Testing Order
ETE Education, Training and Employment
FPN (police) Fixed Penalty Notice
FTE First Time Entrants
IDCP Initial Disclosure of Prosecution Case
ISO Individual Support Order
ISS Intensive Supervision and Surveillance
LAC Looked After Children
MAPPA Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MIS Management Information Service
NDTMS National Drug Treatment Monitoring System
NEET Not in education, employment or training
NOMS National Offender Management Service
NS National Standards
NYCC North Yorkshire County Council
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act
PNC Police National Computer
PO Parenting Order or Persistent Offender
Post SSA Post Statutory School Age
PSR Pre-Sentence Report
Recidivism Re-Offending
RIC Remanded in Custody
RJ Restorative Justice
RLAA Remanded to Local Authority Accommodation
RO Referral Order
SSR Specific Sentence Report
STC Secure Training Centre
VLO Victim Liaison Officer
YC Youth Caution
YCC Youth Conditional Caution
YJB Youth Justice Board
YJS Youth Justice Service
YOI Young Offender Institute
YRO Youth Rehabilitation Order