Education, health and care plan (EHCP) transition points for professionals

Professional information about annual reviews at Year 5 and Year 9 for children and young people with SEND.

Transitioning from primary to secondary school Year 5

If a child has an education, health and care plan (EHCP), the annual review meeting in Year 5 is a good time to talk about plans for moving to secondary school and to discuss transport arrangements.

In October of Year 6, the parent or carer will need to decide which secondary or special school they would prefer their child to go to.

The SEND casework officer should then send the parent or carer an amended education, health and care plan by 15 February to name their Year 7 placement.

You can see more information here about transferring to secondary school and special educational needs.

Leaving school and the transitional annual review in Year 9

It is particularly important to prepare a child for their move to adult life. The transitional annual review may involve people and organisations who will play a major role when your child leaves school. Preparation for adulthood discussions will start by Year 7 at the latest.

When a child is in Year 9 a transition plan will be drawn up, as part of the annual review, to look at the child's needs as adult life approaches. It is updated at each annual review meeting until the child leaves school.

The transition plan

The transition plan will have input and involvement from four main stakeholders:

  • The school will provide information about learning programmes
  • The family will give their views on what they would like for their child after they leave school and what support they may need
  • The child will be able to say what they feel their needs are and what they would like to do after leaving school
  • The local authority, along with the school and other professionals, will be responsible for making sure that the transition plan is carried out

In addition, children and young people's services will be involved when a young person is in public care or is a 'child in need', or where they are already involved with a young person. Social care staff will advise whether the child will need social care services when they leave school.

Other professionals actively involved in supporting the child may be involved in the transition plan. There may be other planning meetings to oversee progress of the plan and you should be told about these by school staff.