SEND groups for young people

Information about local SEND groups and charities, and useful places to find information and support for young people.

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SEND support groups

Activity resources for young people

  • The Buzz for deaf children and young people aged between 8 and 18 years old. Make new friends, play some great games and create your own avatar. Check out what's going on for you across the country. Meet deaf young people who've done some amazing things.
  • Newsround's special programme, My Dyslexic Mind explores what dyslexia is and some of the ways it affects people. They have also made the BBC Newsround guide to dyslexia.

Local offer services in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Connect is the online community directory for North Yorkshire. It allows you to search for a range of local offer information. It includes childcare, support, activities, education, health and more.

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