Independent travel training short guide

What is travel training?

Travel training is a step by step process where you can learn to travel a specific route, on your own, in a safe and responsible way. This journey can be as simple as going to the local shops or as rewarding as making your way to school/college each day.

How can travel training help me?

Travel training can help you gain more confidence, which will allow you to become more independent in other areas of your life. You can gain essential life skills that will help you access higher education, work opportunities and social activities.

It can help with your social interaction and improve your social skills. It can help with your independence and you won’t have to rely on your parents or carers to transport you all the time.

Aaron's story
Aaron profile picture

"Hi, my name is Aaron. I am 19 years old and live with my mum and brother. I go to college three days a week, and get there all by myself on the college bus.

I feel that travel training has made my life better."

What will I learn?

Journey Planning

During Independent travel training you will learn what the safest route is for you to get from A to B. This route is agreed at the beginning of the programme, to help you gain confidence on your journey to home or college. These skills can then be applied to further routes such as going to the local shops, meeting friends or attending work experience or employment.

You will practice this route on a 1:1 basis with a travel trainer many times, which will build up your confidence and independence skills. As your skills build your trainer will take a step back, this is done gradually so that your own independent skills can develop.

During this planned journey you may use a public bus or a train or simply walk this route. You will be supported during all of this by your travel trainer and they will help you learn this fully.

Road Safety

As part of your travel training programme you will learn and develop your road safety skills. Your travel trainer will support you and show you how to find safe places to cross roads, how to use different road crossings and using footpaths appropriately.

Using public transport

Your travel trainer will help you to use public transport and other types of travel such as:

  • bus (public or school/college)
  • trains
  • walking/cycling new routes

You will also receive support in learning new skills such as:

  • reading bus or train timetables.
  • building your confidence to travel independently.
  • learning directions and familiar landmarks. 
  • buying your travel tickets.
  • developing your skills in handling money and telling time

Problem Solving

As part of your Independent Travel Programme you will learn how to problem solve. Your travel trainer will discuss ‘What if’ questions, which may include:

  • You miss your bus or train?
  • You leave your bag at home?
  • You miss your stop?
  • You don’t feel well on the journey or need help?
  • You get lost and need help?

Personal Safety

Throughout Independent Travel you will meet lots of different people along your journey. Through your training programme you will learn how to keep safe. This will include tips on stranger awareness, identifying and keeping to safe walking routes, ‘Safe Places’ should you need help and much more!

Robert’s Story
Robert profile picture

"Hello, my name is Robert. I am 20 years old and live with my mum, dad, sister and big brother.

I am working on a Supported Internship through the week but before this I studied at college.

I am very proud of myself as I found this hard at first. Now I can go and get a coffee when ever I want and not have to wait for my mum and dad any more."

How can I get travel training?

If you would like to find out more information about travel training programmes in your area, please contact your school or college to discuss what they offer.

For any other enquiries please contact us.

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