SEND transport from Reception to 16 year olds

Transport help and advice for primary and secondary school aged children with SEND

  • If you have SEND you may need help with transport to get to school. A home to school service may be provided if you have specific SEND needs. Some children may have to travel to their nearest pickup point
  • If you are of school age and attending your qualifying school, you may receive help with travel if you meet the home to school transport policy criteria

School transport policy criteria

The criteria include:

  • the distance you need to travel
  • whether the route is unsafe
  • whether you are on low income
  • whether your special educational needs (SEN) would make it unsafe or inaccessible even if accompanied by an adult

Travel support will range from bus passes, parental transport allowances, school buses, and if all other options have been explored, we may pay for a private taxi. This will be checked every 2 years or if you move school.

For more information, please contact the SEND Transport team.