SEND transport schemes and benefits for young people

Travel passes and discount schemes for young people with SEND.

Blue Badge Scheme

The blue badge scheme provides parking for to disabled people. Your parents or carers may be able to get a blue badge on your behalf.

Find out more about blue badge page parking permits including how to apply.

Disabled person’s bus pass

Disabled people are entitled to a bus pass giving free off-peak travel on local bus services anywhere in England.

Find out more about the disabled persons bus pass, including how to apply.

Disabled person’s railcard

If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult, you may qualify for a disabled person's railcard.

A disabled person's railcard gives you:

  • a third off adult fares for travel on the National Rail network in Great Britain
  • a third off the rail fare of another adult travelling with you - so you can save money for a friend or family member too
  • discount on tickets at any time of the day, not just off-peak trains