SEND - parent and carer feedback on the Local Offer

Improving the SEND Local Offer in North Yorkshire using feedback from families, parent carer groups and our young people.

You said, we did

Families, parent carer groups and our young people have been engaged throughout the development of the local offer and feedback forms a fundamental part of its ongoing development. See below for examples of how we've acted on what you've told us to improve the local offer.

You said: Not a lot of people know about the local offer.

We did: Information, including how to get involved, is now sent out with each letter about the SEND assessment and review process to all schools, parents, carers and professionals. Leaflets are displayed in libraries and children’s centres advising people of the local offer. A communications plan is being developed to ensure everyone knows of and has access to the local offer.

You said: The website looks boring.

We did: We changed the corporate look and feel of the site and introduced videos, pictures and more colour to make it look more interesting.

You said: We don’t know who should be doing what and what we should do if our child is struggling at school.

We did: We provided clear information on what you can expect your child’s school to do, and how to ask for help if you are having difficulty.

You said: We don’t know who to contact for help.

We did: We provided better information to our customer contact centre so that they can direct you to the right person the first time. We also improved the contact details on all of our local offer pages.

You said: We don’t find out what’s happening.

We did: We have put lots of information relating to SEND groups and activities in the North Yorkshire community directory, and we are now working on a calendar of events to help you easily and quickly find out what is happening in your local area.

You said: Not everyone has access to the internet.

We did: A leaflet has been distributed to multiple agencies, as well as children’s centres and libraries, advising how to get hold of information and how to access the internet at libraries.

You said: Some people with certain conditions find it difficult to access your website. We would like to be able to change the colours and read out the text to us.

We did: We improved our information on how to make certain changes to the text when using the website.

You said: There is too much text to take in.

We did: We are updating our pages to make the content easy to read and understand.

You said: The website was difficult to navigate.

We did: We added clear headings on the home page which directs the audience towards the section that relates to them, for example, young person, parent/carer and professionals. Once pressed on, information is put under appropriate subheadings to ensure it is easier to navigate.

You said: Keep information clear, concise and easy to read.

We did: We provided each specific audience their own space, in which to put the relevant information under.

You said: We would like more SEND videos.

We did: In partnership with City of York Council, Humber and North Yorkshire Health and care partnership and the NHS, we produced a video which explains what the Local Offer is and how to use it to find the relevant information.

You said: Focus on what services are available in each area.

We did: Under our young people and parent sections we have included a link to our directory, North Yorkshire Connect. This can be used to find activities, local clubs, societies, organisations and help groups within each locality.