Scarborough Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure (Cinder Track Improvements)

Proposed improvements to the Cinder Track bridleway linking Scarborough and Whitby, as part of the Town Deal.

Cinder Track

The entirety of the Cinder Track is a long-established 17-mile off-road permissive bridleway that connects Scarborough in the south with Whitby in the north, following a railway line closed in 1965. The town deal cinder track scheme comprises improvements to the Cinder Track Connections, enhanced landscape diversity, junction safety improvements and creation of public space.

The Cinder Track scheme includes the spine and connections and runs from Wykeham Street in the south, passing the golf course near Cross Lane Hospital, crossing Scalby Beck and Station Road, and ending where it connects with onward sections at Lancaster Way. Connections are proposed at:

  • Wykeham Street, connecting to Sainsbury’s Park
  • Manor Road
  • Woodland Ravine
  • Woodland Avenue
  • Maple Drive
  • St Leonard’s Crescent
  • Endcliffe Crescent
  • North Leas Avenue
  • Cross Lane
  • Princess Close
  • Pinfold Close
  • Newby Farm Road
  • Hillcrest Avenue
  • Station Road