Whitby Wayfinding and Gamification

The Wayfinding project provides town centre pedestrian signage in Whitby. This includes a family of signs for visitors to help them navigate around the town and signpost to key attractions.

Working alongside the Love Exploring app, this also allows visitors to engage with fun trails and games with various themes incorporating augmented reality. We have now created three new games and three new trails for Whitby targeting people who are in the Whitby area focussing on "Curious Minds", "Young Adventurers" and "Families". These are all now available in the app. This is alongside the recent launch of the "Adventures with Dinosaurs" game that coincided with the Yorkshire Fossil Festival. 

An accessible layer to the existing “Discover Whitby” map on the app is also being developed to provide information on accessible facilities such as toilets, parking and accessible tourism attractions.

We are working with a number of stakeholder groups within Whitby to develop these, using their local expertise and knowledge to develop the right offer.

Once all the work has been completed, the app will be promoted by the use of QR coded window stickers, banners around the town and digitally through social media using a collection of new images and videos to showcase the activity.