Skipton High Street Heritage Action Zone

Skipton High Street Heritage Action Zone is part of the £95 million High Streets Heritage Action Zone initiative, currently working across more than 60 English high streets.

The High Streets Heritage Action Zone initiative is funded by the:

The project is being delivered by Historic England working in partnership with North Yorkshire Council.

Skipton have been awarded £1,561,433 to deliver their main scheme and a further £95,360 to deliver a cultural programme alongside the main scheme.

One of the major aims of the programme is to help people feel proud of where they live. The Skipton High Street Heritage Action Zone has several specific objectives:

Help residents re-engage with the town centre

We need younger people to start to use the town again in order to change the appearance of the area and also to drive the demand and supply of products.

Reuse of heritage buildings

The increasing number of large redundant heritage risks causing blight on the High Street. We aim to bring these back into use to support the attraction of younger people to live, work and visit the town centre.

Create public spaces for new and diverse activities

Using the historic fabric of the town, more public spaces will allow younger people to develop the cultural offer that is of interest to them and help change the role of the town centre.

Enhance the links between the High Street and the more hidden parts of Skipton

By emphasising the heritage aspects of the ginnels, people will be encouraged to explore different parts of the town centre and dwell for longer.

Increase the number of young creatives working in the centre of Skipton

Increase the amount of space that young creatives can use to produce or display their products which will help change the look and feel of the town centre.

Make Skipton more walking and cycle friendly

Increase the ease and attractiveness for people to walk and cycle around Skipton town centre using the built heritage for interest so increasing the footfall and dwell time.  

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