Prevent counter terrorism strategy

Prevent is part of the UK government's multi-agency programme to help identify people at risk of radicalisation or supporting terrorism.

Prevent is one of the four elements of the UK’s counterterrorism strategy, preventing people from becoming involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism.

As a local authority we have a duty to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

Our community safety hubs work closely with specified authorities and key organisations to provide support and practical information to:

  • embed Prevent into their day-to-day functions
  • improve community intelligence into the Counterterrorism Local Profile (CTLP)
  • ensure effective communications and awareness training of the Duty and identified risks in the area
  • respond to the risks identified in the Counterterrorism Local Profile

Everyone who works, lives or visits our area has a role to play in helping to counter the terrorist and domestic extremist threat which remains real and serious. The police fully understand that people may be reluctant to tell them about suspicious activity or behaviour because they think "It's probably nothing", but small things that seem out of place can be useful as part of a bigger investigation. Just one piece of information could be crucial in disrupting terrorist or extremist activity.

The local community hubs manages the Counterterrorism Local Profile (CTLP). This helps to assess the ongoing risk from terrorism or domestic extremism.

If you see or hear anything which gives you cause for concern, or seems to be out of the ordinary, you can report terrorism concerns online via Gov.UK Action Counters Terrorism website or by calling 0800 789 321.

This could include:

  • overheard conversations
  • community tensions (negative views towards refugees, immigrants etc)
  • intelligence regarding any protests which could potentially become violent
  • vehicles being parked in a particular space for no particular reason
  • people taking pictures

If you believe that there is an immediate threat to life from the information you have, you should ring 999.