Starbeck Community Fund

Find out about small grants for individuals and community groups based in the Starbeck area.

The Starbeck Community Fund offers:

  • grants of up to £200 to individuals aged 25 years or under
  • grants of up to £1000 to community groups.

Applicants must be based in the designated Starbeck area.

We consider individual applications towards projects, schemes or courses that will enhance the educational, sporting or cultural advancement of an individual, and community group applications that enhance the quality of life of Starbeck residents, adding value to the local community and allowing more residents and volunteers to become involved in community projects.

Starbeck Community Grant Awards 2023

The Starbeck Community Fund applications have closed. These are the grants we recommended during 2023.

Total amount of grants recommended: £7,480

  Group or individual Amount requested Project Recommended
1 Starbeck Christmas lights appeal £1,000 Contribute towards worn and damaged Christmas lights £1,000
2 23rd Harrogate Scout Group £1,000 Contribute towards the purchase of tents for outdoor activities £1,000
3 Time together £1,000 Contribute towards the replacement of 13 year old computers with reconditioned computers £1,000
4 Starbeck Methodist Church £300 Contribute towards the replacement of 20 year old curtains £300
5 Wellspring Therapy and Training £960 Purchase art equipment, games, and books that help to facilitate counselling service for children and young people (aged 4 to 18) £960
6 Henshaws Society for the Blind £895 Contribute towards updating on-site gym equipment £895
7 Starbeck Community Library £925 Contribute towards redecorating the library bright, welcoming colours £925
8 Harrogate Railway Athletic Sports and Social Club £800 Contribute towards the purchase of grass mowing machinery enabling better presentation of grounds when hosting community and charitable events £800
9 Individual Grant 1 £200 Contribution towards study fees at Manchester Mountview Foundation course in musical theatre £200
10 Individual Grant 2 £200 Contribution towards compulsory ballet uniform required for vocational degree course £200
11 Individual Grant 3 £200 Contribution towards bus pass for travel to Leeds university from Starbeck £200

Grant information

 Group application guidance notes (pdf / 407 KB)

 Individual application guidance notes (pdf / 362 KB)