Find out about cookies and the ones used on our website.

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser.

Cookies provide website owners with details about your visit to their website, such as how you entered and navigated through the site. Cookies make your experience of using websites faster and easier. They are not programs and cannot carry viruses or install malware on your computer. Visit the about cookies website for more detailed information about cookies and how you can manage them.

Some areas of our website are built by third-party suppliers who also set cookies on our behalf. 

Cookies used on our website

The following table lists the cookies you may come across on our website. Note that several of them perform similar functions:  

Name of cookie Description and usage of cookie


This cookie is essential to be able to use our website. It is created as soon as you visit our website, and stores a unique identifier for your session. This session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is erased when you close your web browser.

Google Analytics;

_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz

Our website uses Google Analytics (a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc). Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate your use of the website and compile reports for us on activity on the website. It is using these reports that we base our decisions on where information should be placed to make it easier for you to find.


Used to maintain session information for the platforms other than Microsoft .NET that run our website.


Used to maintain session information for users who choose to view the site in different contrast modes i.e. colour scheme and text size cookies.


These are used for some of our online forms. These are required so the forms work correctly and remember the data you are inserting. They expire when you close your browser.


We conduct web visitor exit surveys which deposit a cookie on your browser. The cookie is deposited so that a record is kept of how many times the user is prompted to complete the form. If this is disabled you will always get a prompt as the survey software will not know you've prompted previously.

CFID and CFToken 

The Unettie (picture archives) website uses these two cookies which are essential for its software (Coldfusion) to work properly.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies set by other websites whose services we use. Below you will find a list of the third party cookies used on our website:

Online mapping
Our online mapping system provides users with the opportunity to find points of interest and displays maps for various services throughout the county. The system uses one recently used addresses cookie named 'LocatorHistory'. This is a persistent cookie which is remembered between sessions. The purpose of this cookie is to allow the mapping system to keep a record of recently selected addresses a user has zoomed to. The cookie persists for 259 days.

Talis is our main library booking, search and renewal system provided by the supplier: Capita. Cookies are used to allow you to log in to the system, see your personal lists, perform searches and renew books. For more information visit Capitas privacy policy.

Overdrive ebooks
Overdrive ebooks is our ebooks digital library system that is provided by the supplier: Overdrive. This system uses cookies to keep track of cart items and to store passwords. For more information please view Overdrives privacy policy.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web statistics package. We use Google analytics to gather information about how visitors use our websites. We cannot obtain personal information from this data. For more information visit cookies and Google Analytics and the Google privacy center: privacy policy.

Twitter feeds that are embedded in our pages use cookies to determine who follows the various links contained in these embedded feeds. For further information read the Twitter privacy policy.

Facebook feeds that are embedded in our pages use cookies to determine who follows the various links contained in these embedded feeds. For further information read the Facebook privacy policy.
The "Share" button which appears on our website is a third party product from the supplier: Clearspring. It allows you to bookmark and share the web page you are visiting. For more information please view the AddThis privacy and data practices policy.

External cookies

Many sites we refer you to will immediately set session cookies. We cannot audit the use of cookies by these external sites so you should be aware of their use and be prepared to manage them if you follow links to other sites from our website.

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