Difficulties paying your council tax for the Selby area

This service is delivered differently in each area of the county. This information relates to the former district of Selby. Looking for information in another area of the county? You can change the location here.

Find out about making payment arrangements and information on final notices, court summons, recovery action and bailiffs.

If you do not pay your council tax, legal recovery action may be taken to get the money you owe. 

If you cannot afford the payments that are shown on your council tax bill, you should contact us. You may be entitled to exemptions, discounts or reductions that would reduce the amount you pay. 

Have you fallen behind with your payments?

If you have had a reminder letter from us because you have not paid your council tax bill, you can:

  • make payment of the outstanding amount to bring your account up to date
  • contact us to request that your instalments are rearranged to make them more manageable

Have you had a final notice?

Your council tax is now overdue and the amount due for the rest of the year is payable. You should make payment of the full amount on the notice to avoid further action. 

Pay your council tax here.

If you cannot afford the full payment on the notice, please contact us ahead of the hearing date to discuss a payment plan. 

If the payment is not made, we will obtain a summons to get the money owed. 

Have you had a summons for a court hearing?

You should either:

  • make payment of the full amount of the notice before the court hearing to avoid further action and additional costs
  • pay the instalment on the court summons to accept the arrangement suggested on the letter

If you feel you are unable to clear your arrears within the current financial year, contact us.

Recovery action

If you don't make a payment or a payment arrangement, we may:

Enforcement agents

Enforcement agents, sometimes called bailiffs, are employed in appropriate cases of non-payment of monies due to the council. 

Enforcement agents are instructed to collect the debt outstanding where a liability order has been obtained through the Magistrates Court and all other efforts to collect the debt have failed. Enforcement agents collect their costs directly from the charge payer and therefore the amount payable can be greatly increased. 

Anyone experiencing difficulty paying their bill should contact us before the matter reaches this stage.