Parents or carers considering Elective Home Education

Guidance for parents or carers who are considering Elective Home Education.

If you are a parent/carer who is considering electively home educating your child we recommend you read the ‘What you need to know’ document which has been published by the Department for Education.

The Government has produced guidance to help parents understand their obligations and rights in relation to elective home education. Before you make your final decision around elective home educating your child we advise you read the guidance.

In North Yorkshire we have Elective Home Education advisors who meet with parents or carers who are considering elective home education prior to them making their final decision. This meeting is chaired by the Elective Home Education advisor and is attended by parents or carers, school and any relevant professionals who are also working with your child or family such as Social Workers, Early Help Workers and Health Specialists. The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • discuss why elective home education is being considered
  • explore all options available to you
  • help overcome any issues which may have arisen in relation to school
  • ensure as parents you have all the information available to you regarding home schooling
  • introduce you to a named contact who you can get in touch with regarding any queries

If you would like to take part in a pre-decision meeting or if you would like to speak directly to an Elective Home Education advisor please contact us.

We aim to work with families who choose to electively home educate to ensure we are able to provide families with continuing support. To find out more information regarding how we work with families in North Yorkshire please read our home education policy.

There is lots of information regarding Elective Home Education available.

In North Yorkshire there is a team of 4 Elective Home Education Advisors whom professionals or parents/carers can contact should they have any queries. Contact our Elective Home Education Advisors.

Find further information about Elective Home Education.

Special Educational needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Services North Yorkshire

SENDIASS North Yorkshire is a service for parents and carers of young people aged 0 to 25 with special educational needs and /or disabilities as well as young people themselves. It is impartial, which means it is not biased and gives confidential information, advice and support that is arms length to the Local Authority.

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