Guidance on completing the appeals form

If you are completing your form by hand, please use black ink throughout. If you do not it is not always possible to make copies which are easily read.

Section 1

Please return this form to the address stated at the top left hand corner of the appeal form. Please use email wherever possible. All correspondence from the Appeals Team will be sent by email wherever possible. If you do not have access to email to receive and read the documents for your appeal, please let us know so that we can arrange for them to be posted to you.

Section 2

Please write the name of the school for which you are appealing.

Section 3

Please write the name of the child who is the subject of the appeal.

Section 4

Please write the date of birth of the child, for example 05.05.92 and the age in years and months, for example 10 years 9 months.

Section 5

Please write the name of the school where your child has been allocated a place.

Section 6

Please write your full name(s), relationship to the child and state any other telephone number, in addition to your home number, where you may be contacted either in the evening or during normal working hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm. We will use your email address for all correspondence wherever possible.

Section 7

Please write the address of your normal residence. If your correspondence address is different, please write in the small space directly underneath your home address.

Section 8

This question asks if you want to be present when your appeal is heard. School admission appeals are heard remotely by video conference.

If you do not attend before the appeal panel your appeal will be decided in your absence and dealt with on the basis of your written grounds of appeal as set out in the appeal form, together with any accompanying documents. The statement of the admission authority's case (including previous correspondence with you about the case) will be presented to the appeal panel and will also be taken into account.

Section 9

If you want to be present but have commitments which make it difficult for you to attend on certain dates and/or times, please write down only those dates/times you cannot make. The date and time of your appeal will then be arranged by taking into account this information as far as possible, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to avoid dates that are inconvenient to you.

Section 10

You are entitled to at least 10 school days’ notice of the date of the appeal hearing, however, sometimes it may be possible to arrange your appeal in a shorter timescale. 

Section 11

This section asks if you have any access or language issues, please detail any you may have so that these can be taken into consideration when making the arrangements for your appeal.

Section 12

You should put down why it is important that your child goes to the school that you are appealing for and/or why the allocated school is not right for him/her.

Section 13

This section asks if you intend to move house in the very near future. If you do, please give the date (or approximate date) and the new address with your new telephone number, if known.

Section 14


  • sign the form
  • date the form