Private sector housing in the Selby area

Privately rented properties are available for everyone provided they can meet the necessary criteria.

There are several property agents in Selby and the surrounding area that can help you with getting a private rented property.

The main advantage of private rented accommodation is that you will have a greater degree of choice in terms of location and type of property.

How we can help

We offer a bond guarantee scheme to help with your application if you are working with our housing options team.

We might also be able to give you advice about what is available in your local area and how you can get help with paying the rent bonds and rent in advance.

The private rented housing option provides help in starting applicants to rent privately, by providing financial assistance with the deposit and first month's rent.

Where to find a property

Local newspapers advertise privately rented properties every week along with vacancies with local agents. 

Privately rented tenancies are usually called assured shorthold tenancies initially for a six-month period and after that two months’ notice in writing is usually required to terminate the tenancy. 

Most properties are advertised on the Right Move website.

You can also look at the following local letting agents' websites: