Sensitive letting of homes in the Selby area

Find out how we decide what a sensitive let is and who might be eligible to rent a sensitively-let property.

There may be occasions where we decide that a property, or group of properties within a specific area, are required to be sensitively let.

This will usually happen where there have been previous management issues and means there will be restrictions on who can move into the property. 

For example, a sensitive let may be considered when letting a property if a community has been subject to serious and/or prolonged anti-social behaviour.

Criteria for sensitive lets

Although each sensitive let will be dependent on the situation at the time, we will use some common criteria in most situations. These are:

  1. The incoming tenant must have no criminal offences within the last 24 months and no unspent criminal convictions - checks will be made with North Yorkshire Police
  2. The incoming tenant must not have a history of anti-social behaviour within the last five years - checks will be made with North Yorkshire Police and other partners
  3. The incoming tenant will have sustained a tenancy, or equivalent, for at least 12 months previously - landlord references and rent statements will be required
  4. In instances where the incoming tenant is vulnerable and has been assessed as having support needs that will affect their ability to manage a tenancy, we  must be satisfied that they have a suitable support package from specialist professionals that will enable tenancy sustainment. Examples of specialist professionals may include mental health or social care professionals.