Energy efficiency advice for Selby

Find out about energy efficiency and affordable warmth help for homes in the Selby area.

There are a range of schemes and organisations that can help make your home more energy efficient.

Yorkshire Energy Doctor

The Yorkshire Energy Doctor can provide free and completely independent advice on how you can reduce your energy costs and afford to live in a warm home this winter.

The advice can include switching to a cheaper energy supplier or tariff, smart meters, applying for grants to get financial help with energy costs, including the £140 warm home discount for those on low incomes, and tips on reducing energy use in the home. 

You can find out more by calling 01757 249100.

Groundwork's green doctor

Groundwork's green doctors work in communities to offer practical support and advice to people - often those most at risk of fuel poverty - that helps them to make their homes more environmentally friendly and cheaper to heat.

They are independent, impartial experts who give homes a check up then offer energy saving advice. They also offer support and advice on accessing grants and funding for installing insulation and central heating systems, switching energy supplies, dealing with energy debt and applying for the warm homes discount.

They also provide kit that keeps people warm, identify financial support when needed and fit energy saving equipment. 

You can visit the Groundwork website to find out more or call their free telephone number 0808 1683547.

Home Upgrade Grant - phase 2

A new grant is now available providing energy efficiency upgrades and clean heating systems to low-income households that are not on mains gas.

The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG2) can be used for improvements such as insulation and solar panels to air source heat pumps and smart heating controls. These will help save money on energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Register your details with us to find out if you could be eligible for the grant.