Tenant car parking on council estates in the Richmondshire area

Find out about parking areas and how to rent a garage in the Richmondshire area.

Where to park

Tenants can only park in designated parking areas on council land.

Parking outside these areas can cause problems for other residents and block emergency service vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines.

You cannot park:

  • a vehicle on the estate or on your property except on a driveway or a paved area intended for parking
  • vehicles such as caravans, boats on trailers or commercial vehicles in designated parking areas
  • any vehicle in your gardens, on greens or grass verges
  • any caravan or motorhome on the estate, or the area around your home or in any communal parking area, without getting our permission in writing first
  • an unroadworthy vehicle, or one which cannot legally be driven on the road, on the land around your home or on the road

You also cannot carry out major car repairs on the land or roads around your home.

If allocated parking spaces are in force, you must only park in the space allocated to your property, not someone else's.

Renting a garage

We provide garages that you can apply to rent from us.  

You can rent a garage from £9.55 a week. Council tenants are given priority over non-council tenants.

Apply for a garage

You can apply for a garage online. 

Apply online

Paying your garage rent

You can pay your garage rent online, over the telephone or by direct debit.

Terminating your garage tenancy

If you want to terminate your garage tenancy, you must give us one week's notice in writing.