Choices4Energy oil cooperative terms and conditions for Scarborough and Ryedale area residents

Find out about the terms and conditions for oil co operative scheme users.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Choices4Energy will conduct an open and transparent procurement process to obtain the best possible price and service from oil companies for our customers.
  2. Oil orders will take place approximately every two months. A timetable is provided to all existing and new members.
  3. The price set out to our customers will be the best possible price quoted at that time.
  4. The customer has no obligation to be a part of Choices4Energy oil co-operative.
  5. There is a minimum order of 500 litres per customer.
  6. The customer must provide any delivery comments needed for safe delivery of the oil when placing the order.
  7. The customer must inform Choices4Energy of any change of address or contact details before any oil is ordered. Failure to do so means that Choices4Energy cannot be held responsible for oil being sent to the wrong address and the customer would be liable for the payment to the oil company.
  8. Once the customer has placed an order through the oil co-operative the customer is obligated to pay and receive that order and Choices4Energy disclaims any liability. The contract for the supply of oil will solely be between the oil company and the customer. This includes, for example, delivery, connection, access, billing and payments.
  9. The customer shall keep their oil tank in good condition and accepts that oil companies have the right to refuse delivery if they consider that the customer's oil tank contravenes regulations relating to health and safety or to be a potential pollution hazard.
  10. The chosen oil company will invoice the customer directly for the order and the customer will make payment to the oil company in accordance with its terms and conditions.
  11. Choices4Energy will obtain payment from the oil company of a referral fee of 1p per litre ordered from the chosen oil company.
  12. Choices4Energy takes no responsibility for:
    • the payment of oil deliveries
    • the deliveries themselves
    • any injury and / or damage to persons or property as a matter of products' liability, negligence or otherwise
  13. Choices4Energy will only share the customer's personal data with the chosen oil company.
  14. Choices4Energy will not share any personal data with third parties unless consent has been given by the customer themselves.
  15. Choices4Energy has the right to refuse any application and change these terms and conditions at any time.