Selby 'Streets for All'

Walk the streets of Selby town centre to identify what you think is historically special and what makes the street distinctive: connections to its history, how it is used today, what are the defining features?

Historic England have been running and encouraging communities to undertake projects to enhance their streets: working to reduced clutter, improved accessibility, and assess the quality of materials and design. The result is streetscapes that are both more attractive and useable and that celebrate their distinctive character. 

Our historic streets can sometimes be blighted by accumulated signs, mediocre paving, obstructed footways, or dominated by traffic infrastructure and motor vehicles. This can make them unattractive and prevents us all from enjoying the historic centre of Selby that means so much to us.

Selby Heritage Action Zone are looking for volunteers to undertake a streetscape audit record both the positive features, and identify any issues in an audit questionnaire trail, and think about what we could do to address the issues and improve the area. Click the links below to find the questions for each of our topics.

If you are interested in taking part, send your survey responses to:

We are going to look at the following issues:

 Heritage interest (pdf / 133 KB): Is the past use of the space part of the area’s heritage interest (such as a market place or churchyard for instance) and is this easy to understand for people using it?

 Access and safety (pdf / 115 KB): Is the area easy to find your way around and can you move through it without undue obstruction?

 Paving and drainage (pdf / 119 KB): Is it messy, broken or badly repaired?

 Pavement obstructions (pdf / 123 KB): Are litter bins, wheelie bins, A-boards or other features routinely left on the pavement, do they obstruct the footway?

 Signs (pdf / 115 KB): Are there too many? Are some redundant and could some be combined?

 Street furniture (pdf / 125 KB): Are any of these broken, in the wrong location, in the way, not a suitable design for the area, or covered in graffiti or adverts?

This would cover things like guardrails, telephone boxes, bollards, litter  bins, bus shelters, benches, plant containers.

 Street lighting (pdf / 127 KB): Do they contribute to the area’s historic or architectural interest? Are they in good repair?

 Advertisements (pdf / 118 KB): Are there too many or are they obtrusive? Is illumination of adverts appropriate or intrusive?

 Motor traffic and car parking (pdf / 119 KB): Do parked cars obstruct access or impact on the area’s appearance?