In October 2023, the government announced its long term plan for towns which sets out how it plans to level up and deliver growth to towns across the country. 

It identified 55 towns across the UK to benefit from long term plans and regeneration. 

Scarborough is one of the towns identified and will receive £20 million in funding over the next ten years for projects on the following themes identified by government:

•    enhancing safety and security
•    reviving our high streets, regenerating Scarborough and enhancing our heritage
•    improving transportation and connectivity

The Scarborough town board, made up of community leaders, employers, local authorities and the MP for Scarborough and Whitby, will oversee and deliver the long term plan through engagement with the community. 

The long term plan will be developed according to the priorities of local people as identified through consultation.

Results from both an online survey and in-person engagement events will help to build a vision for the future of the town and inform the writing of the long term plan which must be submitted to government by 1 August.

Let's make waves for the people and the future of Scarborough.

Let’s Talk Scarborough consultation

From 6 May to 3 June, we are running Let’s Talk Scarborough, a survey on Commonplace, a safe and easy-to-use online tool used to engage with communities.

We want people living and working in Scarborough to have a say on the town’s future by filling in the survey:

Take part in Let's Talk Scarborough

How to fill in the survey

  1. When you visit the survey website you will find an interactive map of Scarborough waiting for your input.
  2. Drop a pin: move around the map to pick an area you want to comment on. Whether it's a place you love and want to see preserved or an area that needs improvement, simply drop a pin directly on that location.
  3. Share your thoughts: once you've placed your pin, a box will appear where you can type in your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions about that specific spot.
  4. Submit your input: after typing in your feedback, select submit to share your ideas with us. Your suggestions are anonymous, but they'll play a crucial role in shaping our strategy.
  5. Explore and engage: feel free to add more pins around the map, once you have completed it once you can complete it again. The more feedback we get, the better we can understand our community's needs and preference.

As well as our online survey, there will be in-person engagement events that you can attend to tell us your views. See all the Let's Talk Scarborough events on the Commonplace website.