Share your views on proposed pedestrian crossings in Harrogate

Oatlands Drive in Harrogate

Proposals for two pedestrian crossings in Harrogate have been developed following feedback from road safety groups, local schools and parents.

We are asking the public to share their views on the two proposed crossings at the junctions of Slingsby Walk and Oatlands Drive and Slingsby Walk and Wetherby Road.

A tiger crossing is proposed for Slingsby Walk and Oatlands Drive, with segregated zones for cyclists and pedestrians. The crossing would include a raised table, which will make the crossing more visible whilst acting as a traffic calming measure.

For Slingsby Walk and Wetherby Road, the proposal is to install a signalised toucan crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. This would ensure a safer crossing over Wetherby Road which prioritises non-motorised users.

As the proposals require the construction of a new footpath and cycleway over an area which is currently designated as 'Stray land', we must dedicate land in exchange to the Duchy of Lancaster, which owns the Stray parkland.

Therefore, we are also inviting people to share their views on proposals for exchanging land. These include:

  • The land is immediately adjacent to the Stray and to the proposed crossing on Wetherby Road, as it is of good quality, grassed and has several mature trees. This is our preferred option.
  • Six small areas of road verge off Hookstone Chase. The land is grassed and immediately adjacent to residential and commercial properties.
  • One area of road verge off Hookstone Road. It is grassed and has several mature trees.

Corporate director of environment, Karl Battersby, said: “Ensuring people can cross the road safely is incredibly important. Therefore, we are keen to implement these two crossing points in Harrogate, especially as they are close to schools in the area.

“We have produced these plans after consulting with road safety groups as well as school staff and parents, so we hope they will receive overall support.

"I’d encourage people to share their views on both schemes, and also express which land exchange they would prefer.”

The deadline for comments is Sunday, April 14. See more information and view the plans.

Any comments should be emailed to (using 'Oatlands Drive/Wetherby Road crossing consultation' in the email title).

Alternatively, write to North Yorkshire Council, Highways and Transportation, Area 6 Boroughbridge Office, Stump Cross, Boroughbridge, YO51 9HU.

This is the first phase of potential improvements in the Oatlands Drive area. It could include a 20mph speed limit, subject to consultation, and further active travel schemes and improvements.