Snowed in with no power

When Storm Arwen struck North Yorkshire late in 2021 some villages near Sutton Bank were left without power or water for four days. On the second day heavy snow cut off the roads for many hours further hampering utility repair efforts.

From the small village of Cold Kirby, one resident advises,

‘It’s not unusual to be cut off up here, and we have had several power and water outages in recent years.  So many folk are reasonably prepared.  Have a plan already made that you can use at any time. It’s always good to keep in the house some bottled water, easily heated tinned food, candles, matches, torches and batteries - and if possible a camping gas.  Having a water butt with water that can be used for loo flushing is very helpful too.’

‘Communications were crucial – it was very difficult to get through to Yorkshire Water or Northern Power Grid so being able to share information through village WhatsApp and email groups was invaluable.  Always look out for your neighbours - especially anyone vulnerable. This year we are getting a generator so we can use our village hall as an emergency centre.’