Procurement and contract management

We currently spend around £350 million externally each year, across both revenue and capital.

This includes a wide range of goods, works and services, including front-line direct services and indirect back-office support. We use a variety of contracts, from simple purchase orders to long-term contractual agreements. Some contracts are with a single provider, others are framework agreements with multiple suppliers.

If you have any queries in relation to North Yorkshire County Council’s Procurement and contract management service please contact –

Business opportunities and working with us

North Yorkshire County Council e-tendering portal

We use YORtender to advertise tendering opportunities, manage the procurement process electronically and monitor contract performance.

Open YORtender

Registration is free, and you will start receiving email alerts on relevant projects as soon as you have completed the supplier registration and chosen your categories of interest.

If you have any problems using YORtender you can email

Procurement and contract management has changed dramatically at the County Council in recent years. During this time the organisation has put in place the foundation stones for success, moving to a centralised category management based function. Alongside this, internal procurement regulations have been modernised and corporate governance has improved.

 Download procurement and contract management structure. (pdf / 256 KB)

Our approach to procurement

We use a category management approach, where related expenditure is grouped together, using data, to create a better understanding of our buying needs and of what supply chains have to offer. The categories are then managed through a continuous and systematic process to improve quality, savings and efficiency.

The aim is to source more strategically, be more innovative and enable service managers and commissioners to get the most out of the market and supply chains. Data driven procurement is at the heart of our approach, and is summarised in our category management process.


 Download category management process. (pdf / 508 KB)

We undertake our procurement activity in accordance with:

Procure to pay guidance for North Yorkshire County Council suppliers

In April 2016 we implemented a new purchasing and payment system. As a result of this change, we are now enforcing a 'no purchase order, no pay' policy. For procure to pay queries please email

Paying our suppliers

Small and medium sized businesses can request to be paid within ten days of us receiving their invoice. To apply for ten day payment terms please complete the  application form for ten day payment terms (doc / 49 KB) and email it to


We want to be open about the payments we've made and contracts we award to suppliers for goods and services.

One of the ways we do this is by publishing information about our contract payments on our open data site.

Contracts that can be used by other public sector organisations

North Yorkshire County Council have a range of products and frameworks that can be used by other public sector organisations.

Everybody Benefits

If you’re looking for a scheme that will provide benefits for your employees, this framework has been designed to help you.

 Everybody Benefits framework overview and process. (pdf / 469 KB)

Management information system / Financial accounting system

The framework contract is for the provision of a management information system and a financial accounting system for schools and academies.

The framework arrangement is divided into six Lots:

  • Lot one is in respect of the management information system for all primary schools and academies nationally.
  • Lot two is in respect of the management information system for all secondary schools and academies nationally
  • Lot three is for a financial accounting system for local authority (LA) maintained primary schools nationally.
  • Lot four is for a financial accounting system for local authority (LA) maintained secondary schools nationally.
  • Lot five is for a financial accounting system for use by primary academies and multi academy trusts nationally.
  • Lot six is for a financial accounting system for use by secondary academies and multi academy trusts nationally.

This framework agreement is available to all local authorities (LAs) throughout England and Wales.

The framework is also available to all schools throughout England and Wales. These schools include LA maintained, free schools, faith schools, pupil referral units, special schools, academies and multi academy trusts.

Open the Management information system / Financial accounting system framework.

Accounts payable audit solution

We have implemented a single supplier framework for an accounts payable audit solution to work alongside the organisations existing accounting system. The software provides in-depth analysis of the public sector organisations finances in order to identify potential financial errors.

The single supplier framework is available to all public sector organisations within the United Kingdom, including but not limited to central government departments and their arm length bodies and agencies, non department public bodies, NHS bodies and local authorities. This will be a four year single supplier framework with the ability to create 9 year call off contracts from.

The attached buyers guide provides interested parties the details around the framework, if you wish to proceed download and complete Schedule B of  the Buyers Guide (docx / 173 KB).

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