Registering the birth of your baby

Book an appointment online to register the birth of your baby and get a birth certificate.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. By law, your baby’s birth must be registered within six weeks (42 days) of the birth.

The appointment to register your baby with the registrar will be private and take around 20 minutes. The registrar will ask you for details for the birth entry. It is very important this information is accurate. The registration is a legal record and is difficult to correct later. There may also be a fee charged to make any corrections.

In England and Wales births must be registered at the registration office in the area where your baby was born.

If your baby was born in North Yorkshire you can register your baby by appointment, at any registration office in the county. You can obtain a birth certificate immediately. Details of fees can be found here. Please note that short free birth certificates are no longer issued.

If your baby was born outside North Yorkshire including in the city of Leeds, Airedale Hospital or Darlington hospitals, you can go to any registration office in North Yorkshire to give us the details which we will then post to the register office in the area where your baby was born. This will cause a short delay in getting the birth certificate. Copy certificates can be ordered four to five days after you make the declaration.

Alternatively, you can travel to the register office in the area where your baby was born to register the birth in person. In this case you would need to contact the other register office direct.

If your baby was born in James Cook Hospital special arrangements have been made so you can visit Northallerton or Richmond register offices, by appointment. You can register and receive the birth certificate immediately.

If your baby was in York District Hospital similar arrangements have been made so you can visit Malton or Selby registration offices, by appointment. Again you can register and receive the birth certificate immediately.

If you wish to register a stillbirth, please read our advice here.

Book an appointment to register a birth

Please book an appointment before attending the office.

You can use our online booking system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Book an appointment to register a birth

If you prefer, you can book an appointment without registering for an account, but please be aware that you will miss out on the benefits of having an account i.e. you will not receive a confirmation email of your appointment.

Frequently asked questions

If the baby's parents were not married or in a civil partnership when the child was born, both parents must attend together, to record the father's or second female parent’s details. If they are not to be recorded the mother can attend alone.

If these details are not recorded initially, it may be possible to add them at a later date.

If the following circumstances apply, please contact us for advice:

You will need to know your baby's:

  • full name;
  • date of birth; and
  • place of birth.

We will also need the following information about the baby’s parents:

  • full names;
  • dates and places of birth (town and county);
  • occupations;
  • address(s); and
  • month and year of marriage or civil partnership, if applicable.

Please check all information carefully when the registrar asks you to do so as later changes are difficult to make.

You will need:

  • supporting documents;
  • a method of payment; and
  • an interpreter if applicable.

Supporting documents should show the names of the baby's parents and include the date and place of birth and address. Accepted documents include:

  • passports;
  • driving licences;
  • marriage or civil partnership certificates;
  • birth certificates;
  • deed polls; or
  • utility bills.

If you cannot produce any or all of these documents it will not stop the registration going ahead. 

You can pay by credit or debit card or cash for a birth certificate if your baby was born in North Yorkshire or James Cook Hospital. If you wish to pay by cash, please bring the exact money as we may not be able to give change.

Yes, you can order a copy of a birth certificate from our copy certificates page.

Personal information that you are required by law to provide for a registration will be kept by the relevant local registration officer. The local registration officer will also send a copy of it to the General Register Office for England and Wales so a central record of all registrations can be maintained.

A copy of any register entry will be provided to any applicant, so long as they supply enough information to identify the entry and pay the appropriate fee. The copy can only be issued as a paper certified copy (a "certificate"). An application for a certificate can be made to either the local register office or to the General Register Office.

The General Register Office makes indexes, for the central record of registrations, publicly available in order to help members of the public identify the registration they might need. The register office also makes a local index available for this purpose.

The local register office may choose to make the information contained within local indexes available online. This will be done in order to help members of the public identify the registration they might need. Any information placed online must be done in a way this is compliant with the Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act.

Additionally, confidential information for statistical purposes which you are required by law to give to the local registration officer, and other information provided voluntarily, will be passed to the UK Statistics Authority for the preparation and supply of statistics.

As well as providing certificates, local registration officers and the General Register Office may make registration information available to other organisations, for the following purposes:

  • statistical or research purposes;
  • administrative purposes by official bodies, such as ensuring their records are up to date; and
  • fraud prevention or detection, immigration and passport purposes.

For further information on data held by the Registrar General see this GOV.UK web page.

Staff at this local registration office will be able to provide further information on data held by the registration service.

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