Relocation expenses policy and procedure

The scheme for relocation expenses applies to employee’s newly appointed to, or promoted within, the council's service who are offered a post on a full-time, part-time, or job-share basis and who live beyond a reasonable daily travelling distance of their new employment, requiring them to move home closer to their workplace. This policy does not apply to posts offered on a ‘casual’ contract but can be applied to fixed term contracts in accordance with provisions below.


An employee may receive assistance where:

 a) The new home is within a 30-mile radius of the workplace and at least 25 travel miles nearer to the work base than the old home.

 b) The move is made within 12 months of taking up the appointment unless approval is given for an extension, and the intent of a claim is lodged within 3 months of appointment.

 c) Receipts will be produced for all reasonable expenditure incurred, and the original receipted VAT Invoices will also be produced (where possible).

 d) Prior agreement is reached with the manager for included costs/expenses.

Relocation expenses are not payable to a second appointee, i.e. an employee whose spouse or cohabitee has already obtained employment in the area or where financial assistance is receivable from some other source.

If an employee considers that he/she is eligible for any of the allowances described below, he/she should access MyView and complete an electronic claim using the expenses module, for relocation expenses which will then need to be authorised by the line manager prior to payment. Line managers may need to seek additional authorisation from an Assistant Director before authorising the claim. Line managers are also responsible for checking that the employee has receipts to support the claim before authorisation. These receipts must be sent to Finance room 62 for filing as they are required for VAT purposes.

Amount that can be claimed

The maximum amount that can normally be claimed is £8,000. It should however be noted that any payments in excess of £8,000 are taxable and to qualify for tax relief the relocation must be complete by the end of the tax year following the year in which the new post was taken up.

The allowance is payable for any reasonable costs of a combination of the items listed below

  • removal expenses – costs of transporting furniture and personal effects (employees must submit 3 quotes for the removal - the employee is not compelled to accept the lowest quote; however, the allowance payable will be no more than the lowest quote)
  • storage costs – where necessary as an interim arrangement
  • legal fees inc. – stamp duty
  • estate agents fees – for selling a property
  • lodging allowances – where necessary as an interim arrangement or when old house retained and additional costs incurred in temporary moves to new house
  • travelling expenses – to and from old house including weekend visits
  • disturbance allowance inc. – carpets, curtains and other necessary additional expenses

Amounts that can be claimed by employees appointed on fixed-term contracts:

Length of initial contract Claimable
2 years or over 100% of maximum up to (£8,000)
18 months to less than 2 years 75% of maximum up to (£6,000)
12 months to less than 18 months 50% of maximum up to (£4,000)
Less than 12 months but over 6 months 25% of maximum up to (£2000)

Repayment of expenses claimed

Employees who leave the council within 2 years of appointment will be required to repay a proportion of the relocation costs they have claimed. This is based on 1/24th of the total amount claimed for each complete month short of the 2 years service. However, in circumstances of redundancy or early retirement on grounds of ill health, the recovery of relocation expenses may be waived.