Harrogate car share

Find out information and sign up to the Harrogate Car Share scheme.

Sign up to the Harrogate Car Share scheme and you can search for any journeys you want to share, either as a driver or a passenger. This can be anything from your daily commute to a one-off trip to an event. When you find a match, you can contact them to arrange a lift. 

The scheme is linked to the national LiftShare network, so you can search for journeys to and from any part of the country, saving money and fuel, and helping to cut congestion and car emissions. 

Car sharers agree between themselves how to share the cost. And you do not have to own a car to sign up: you can simply search for a lift if that is what you need.

Find out more and sign up to the Harrogate Car Share scheme.

Set up a staff car share group 

Businesses can set up a private group for their employees within the wider Harrogate Car Share scheme.  

There are many benefits to a company of having a staff group: 

Workplace travel plan 

Car sharing complements other measures, such as public transport. Staff who don't have access to public transport and live too far away to use active travel can benefit from car-sharing as it is more sustainable to share than to drive alone. 

Reduced demand for parking spaces 

Large financial benefits are possible as costs such as maintenance, insurance and security can be significantly cut with the demand parking spaces is reduced. 

Reduce business miles 

Company schemes can be used by staff to arrange travelling to meetings together - decreasing the related costs and environmental impact of the journey. 

Staff retention 

Staff are happier, finding that sharing the driving is less stressful than driving alone and getting to leave on time. 

Inter-office relations 

Staff from different departments often car share together, helping with inter-office relations and knowledge sharing. 

Corporate responsibility 

Car sharing can reduce the negative impacts on the environment that may be caused by the employer. This in turn can also create positive PR. 

Lower your carbon footprint 

Commuting is one of the biggest causes of pollution. Helping staff to car share can significantly reduce this.