West of Harrogate developments

Find out more about road works as part of the West of Harrogate developments coming forward as part of our Local Plan.

The adopted Harrogate District Local Plan allocates several sites on the western side of Harrogate for the delivery of new housing and employment provision, key services and facilities with associated transport, communications and green and blue infrastructure. These site allocations are strategically important in supporting the vision for planned growth set out in the Local Plan and will form a new urban extension on the western edge of the town.

These allocated sites will all be subject to planning applications being submitted and there can be no guarantee that planning consent will be forthcoming.

This page will inform residents of road works as planning applications for consented sites proceed into the construction stages.

In order to ensure the successful delivery of this significant urban extension, it is essential to ensure that developers and site promoters work collaboratively to ensure that a comprehensive, well thought out, sustainable and cohesive development is realised.

Whinney Lane

What is happening on Whinney Lane?

Stonebridge and Mulgrave developers have been granted planning permission to build 170 new homes locally, which require the construction of a roundabout (see diagram), site entrances, modifications to the existing road layout, with some road widening and installation/diversion of utilities as part of the schemes.

Map of Whinney Lane

Why do we need the works?

As result of the works outlined above, certain enhancements are required to relieve congestion, improve road safety, enhance access to employment, facilitate active travel and connect services.

When will the work start and finish?

The full length of Whinney Lane will be subject to road works that started on the 27th July with an expected completion date of 28th February 2021, subject to favourable weather conditions. Every effort will be made to try and reduce this time frame and subsequent disruption to local residents and businesses.

How will access to Whinney Lane be managed?

Residential access will be managed and maintained with a temporary traffic management system from the roundabout, north of Whinney Lane, up until just after Castle Hill Drive to the south. Traffic management systems are required to ensure the safety of site workers and road users, but will be kept to a minimum.

A full road closure will be in place just after Castle Hill Drive, extending up to Syke House Farm. A full closure is necessary in both directions to minimise risks to the public and road crews and to allow certain works such as excavations, construction and works to the drainage system. Again, all works will be co-ordinated to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Emergency service and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times during the works via diversionary routes where necessary.

The Squinting Cat pub to the south of Whinney Lane is open as usual and can be accessed via the diversionary pedestrian/vehicular access routes highlighted here.

Temporary Pedestrian Access Route

Who is responsible?

Although this is not a County Council project, as the highways authority we have a duty to facilitate these works and we have been working closely with the developers and contractors to finalise the phasing of the street works.

How will I be kept updated with the latest developments?

Further details on upcoming works on Whinney Lane will be provided via monthly letter drops by developers and routine updates on this web page.

Additionally, our roadworks map provides critical information about future and ongoing works taking place.

Proposed developments and street works overview

What are the operating hours during construction?

Operating hours may vary depending on the imposed planning conditions, which can be viewed via Harrogate’s planning portal. Furthermore, a relaxation of the construction hours has been temporarily agreed until the end of September, in line with government guidance: conditions apply with rights reserved.

If I have further questions?

If you have any questions about the works you can contact the project/highway team.

Whinney Lane update: March 2021 - Stonebridge’s Letter to Resident

Dear resident,

Re: Work to Whinney Lane, Harrogate

Please find below an update from Stonebridge Homes, which outline the programme of works we expect to follow over the next few weeks in order to complete the road works on Whinney Lane. Please note these dates are given as an estimate, however we will be adhering to them as close as we possibly can.

  • Roundabout - the roundabout is formed. Tarmac and white lining will follow Yorkshire Water’s works.
  • Temporary footpath - the temporary footpath will be in place until the road re-opens.
  • Lighting - temporary lighting is needed until the road re-opens, however the new street lights (expected April) may cover the temporary footpath which will reduce the need for temporary lighting.
  • Memorial bench - we are liaising with the families who installed the memorial bench, Harrogate Harriers and NYCC with a view to its relocation.

Yorkshire Water’s (YW) works are part of Harrogate’s 5-year improvement scheme and to avoid a prolonged road closure, YW will work collaboratively with us to utilise our existing road closure. YW has significant new mains to install to increase capacity and secure the supply for their existing customers in the West of Harrogate.

Week beginning 08/03/21

  • YW have started their scheme at the existing roundabout. Once their permit has expired, Energy Assets Group (EAU) will be following on with the mains connection to the existing network, allowing the substation to go live (around 23/03/21).
  • Section 2 of road widening to the lower end is in progress and will be completed with the tying in of the lower section of Whinney Lane. Estimate completion by 15/03/21.
  • Gas and electric services have now been brought into site.
  • New roundabout formation ongoing (lower end of road).
  • Tie in to bottom of road to follow on. Estimated completion for tie in is 15/03/21, with work starting on 08/03/21.

Week beginning 05/04/21

  • Street lighting to top section of road due to go live.
  • Tie in to top of existing road to start after new substation goes live. This will include works to connect rising main to existing sewer.
  • The street lighting past the new roundabout will follow later in April.

End May/beginning June

  • Final topping of tarmac and white lining all to be done once YW have reinstated their works.
  • Estimated completion to be w/c 14/06/21 (depending on progress made by YW) with an expected duration period of 12 weeks.
  • YW are aiming to be outside our development by15/03/21. 

The Willows development

With regards to Stonebridge Homes’ development, plots 1-24 towards the north of the scheme, are nearing completion (May) which will result in less activity in this area. The southern end of the site will then be our main focus, away from the majority of residents.

The development is generally progressing well and the good weather should allow us to continue to make good progress.

Communicating with residents

We will issue regular and timely communications to all stakeholders as work progresses. We thank you for your continued patience during this work and apologise for any inconvenience the works may cause.

Community Fund

As an aside, we recently launched our new community fund that will help local charities and organisations benefit from a pot of £10,000 that will be allocated throughout 2021. The fund aims to support as many local groups as possible, initially, in the Harrogate area. Applying to the fund is straightforward, simply complete the form on our website community-fund. The first round of applications close 31/03/21.

Yours faithfully,
Stewart Loben

Construction Director

Stonebridge Homes

Whinney Lane update: 21 January 2021

Over the past couple of months, work has focused on preparing the land and installing drainage infrastructure, with a number of major service also connected.

Installing drainage infrastructure

The next phase will see essential works starting on the formation of the roundabout and footpaths.

Installing pavements

Whinney Lane update: 11 September 2020

Tactile paving is due to be installed on Beckwith Road and Whinney Lane, along with BT service connections.

A map showing locations of tactile paving on Beckwith Road and Whinny Lane

The Temporary Pedestrian Access Route

This will be open next week to connect the top and bottom of Whinney Lane.

Planned works within the Road Closure

  1. Road Planing:

Asphalt road planners are generally used to scratch and excavate a hard surface either on roads, court yards or other surfaces with asphalt layers.

This Can be a more effective method, to prevent a full excavation being necessary.

It is a very good way to excavate accurate depths of a surface area and leave a more level surface. The surface planing creates a more level and better finish when a surface layer is laid.

When Grading off a surface all the excavated asphalt is loaded straight onto the back of a lorry and removed from site. These material can then be recycled offsite, if of a suitable grade.

  1. Reduce and Dig Existing Footpath and Road.
  2. Drainage Works will be undertaking to allow surface water to managed during and after construction.
Map showing new roundabout layout