Leisure at Filey Coble Landing

Filey Coble Landing is home to approximately 24 leisure craft. Find out about allocated moorings, slipway and applying for a berth.

All of the leisure vessels are allocated numbered spaces on either side of the roadway on the landing. The landing itself is a cobbled and concrete structure at the north end of Filey Beach.

Allocated moorings

Moorings are allocated by the Scarborough harbour office.

All allocated spaces are on the slipway, so your vessel must be capable of being launched and retrieved by yourself. The majority of the existing space holders use a tractor for launching. 


Please read the launch notice.

Applying for a berth

We operate a waiting list procedure. It is £25 to join the waiting list and this deposit will be deducted from the first invoice when a berth is accepted. Please contact us to join the waiting list.