Salt bins and salt heaps

Report issues with salt bins and salt heaps or view details of how we maintain salt bins and salt heaps.

Do it online

Report any of the following issues to us online:

  • a salt bin refill is required
  • a salt bin has been damaged or vandalised
  • a salt bin is full of rubbish or waste
  • a salt bin is missing or has been moved to a location that it doesn’t belong
  • a salt heap refill is required

Report a salt bin or salt heap issue

Salt bins and salt heaps

We provide salt heaps and bins for use on roads and footways in severe weather, but not for use on private property. We may remove bins where salt is being used indiscriminately or on private property. Rock salt can be bought from most DIY or garden centres.

Salt heaps and bins are placed based on road gradient, severity of bends, road usage, and whether or not the road is already gritted.

They are refilled by 1 November and a second refill may be carried out mid-season or after significant snowfall.

Parish councils can acquire and maintain additional bins at their expense, at a cost of £50 for a bin and an annual £75 charge for up to two refills.

Community partnerships can also acquire and maintain additional salt bins at locations that do not meet our criteria.