Stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health and wellbeing.

When you quit smoking, it reduces your risk of illness, disability or death caused by cancer, heart or lung disease. It will protect the health of the people around you by reducing their exposure to secondhand smoke. It will also save you money - the average smoker saves £150 a month when they quit.

If you are pregnant, stopping smoking is even more important. The risks of smoking during pregnancy are serious, from premature delivery to increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and sudden infant death.

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How to quit smoking - FREE Local support from Living Well Smokefree

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There is a lot of support to help you to quit. Many GP practices and community pharmacies provide stop smoking services in North Yorkshire.  You can find a list of these here (xlsx / 23 KB). You can also contact NYCC’s new Living Well Smokefree team who can give you advice about giving up smoking. 

Tel number: 01609 797272

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Stopping smoking on your own - self-help quitting tools

Around half of all smokers in England try to quit using willpower alone, which is the least effective quitting method. If you’d like to try going smokefree, visit NHS Smokefree for information on FREE quitting tools. 

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Useful information for how to quit smoking

Cancer Research UK campaign

Find the right tools to quit smoking by visiting the website