View planning applications, decisions and submit comments

View planning application and decision details for all County Council applications and minerals and waste developments.

Our online planning register allows you to:

  • search our database and monitor the progress of applications through the planning system;
  • view records of applications we have determined including the decision notices; and
  • submit comments on current applications.

Access the online planning register

To submit comments on current applications, find the planning application you are interested in, then select the "neighbours" tab. You should then see the option to comment near the top.

Representations from private individuals will not be uploaded to North Yorkshire County Council via the online planning register. However, open letters from campaign / action groups or private individuals who expressly wish for their representations to be made available to view on the online planning register will be uploaded, except where template / pro forma letters are used, in which case only one example of each template / pro forma letter will be uploaded.

Please note that if the consultation period has expired and the application is still awaiting a decision, then comments can be submitted by email to Once the decision has been issued no further comments on the application can be made.

Planning appeals

Please visit the planning appeals page for more information.