Consultation on the possible warding pattern for proposed Scarborough Town Council

Have your say on which warding pattern you would prefer for a Scarborough Town Council.


In the spring of 2023, we consulted with the residents of Scarborough on proposals to create a town council and what that town council might look like. 

Outcome of the consultation

The consultation showed that the majority of respondents supported the creation of a town council, as well as supporting the proposals that the parish be divided into five wards matching the North Yorkshire Council divisions. Each of these wards would be represented by three councillors, giving a total of 15 councillors.

New proposal put forward

Councillors supported the recommendation that a town council be created, but suggested that a better warding pattern could instead be for 15 single councillor wards to be created.

As this proposal differs from the three councillor warding pattern that we originally consulted on, a further period of consultation is now required before final recommendations can be approved. 

Ward patterns proposals

We are now asking the public to confirm which warding pattern they would prefer for a Scarborough Town Council:

Option 1: Three councillor wards

In this proposal there would be five wards with three elected councillors representing these wards. The ward boundaries follow the same pattern as the current North Yorkshire Council division boundaries. 

The wards and number of elected councillors in them would be as follows:

  • Castle - 3 councillors
  • Falsgrave and Stepney - 3 councillors
  • Northstead - 3 councillors
  • Weaponness and Ramshill - 3 councillors
  • Woodlands - 3 councillors

A total of 15 councillors.

Option 2: Single councillor wards

In this proposal there would be 15 wards with one elected councillor in each ward as follows:

  • Barrowcliff - 1 councillor
  • Falsgrave - 1 councillor
  • Gladstone - 1 councillor
  • Manor Road Park - 1 councillor
  • North Leas - 1 councillor
  • Old Town - 1 councillor
  • Peasholm - 1 councillor
  • Ramshill - 1 councillor
  • Sandybed - 1 councillor
  • Seamer Road - 1 councillor
  • South Cliff - 1 councillor
  • The Bay - 1 councillor
  • Town centre - 1 councillor
  • Weaponness - 1 councillor
  • Woodlands - 1 councillor

A total of 15 councillors.

Further information

For further details please visit our Community Governance Review for unparished areas of Harrogate and Scarborough page

Have your say

Have your say on the proposed ward patterns for Scarborough Town Council 
This consultation closes on Friday 31 May 2024.