Caedmon TMP consultation feedback responses

Date Role Comment Response
17 June 2022 Parent – email Hi, my son is year 4 and has a HCEP, he has a brain injury and needs 1:1 support. This proposal would be amazing for my son. I'm currently in the process of looking around special schools for xxxx and I’ve got an appointment with Senco at Caedmon. Thank you Thank you for your response, we are pleased that you agree with this proposal.
24 June 2022 Parent - Online I am concerned about how this will impact already poor behaviour at the school. Can they clarify how they intend to protect the children with SEND and what they will put in place to ensure our children, who are already struggling with interruptions to their learning from poor behaviour are not further impacted?

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We have seen from other TMPs that the whole school training that is provided will have a positive impact across school. This should therefore improve behaviour across school.

The school themselves will be able to share specific actions they will take.

24 June 2022 Parent - Online My son has been in Caedmon College for the 2nd year he is in and out of class and still struggling to access the full curriculum social emotional communication interaction all areas are a challenge. He doesn't like to travel and apparently he's mainstream and not specialist. Brompton hall wouldn't work for my boy and he's in-between but gaining absolutely nothing from school apart from nearly giving up it really is only a matter of time. Something like this would allow him to hopefully gain an education in smaller groups not feel different in a school for profound. If he can't gain GCSEs he's at least gain something out of school rather spending years in school that he's never been happy. With having another child who's 7 and probably struggle similar I would love to know there was more options then been stuck in mainstream or specialist over all it making this happen to more schools would become more cost effective overall more so for our children who are in between. I'm unsure if my boys would get the opportunity to use it. It is something I'd love to see more of in more schools it's been something I wanted from when I first applied for EHCP in year 5/6.

Thank you for your response, we are pleased that you agree with this proposal.

We currently have 7 TMPs open across North Yorkshire and plan to open over 20 more in the coming years. These will be both in primary and secondary schools for C&I and SEMH. This will enable us to support many more pupils like your son.

24 June 2022 Parent - Online I think it is good idea and fully support the proposal Thank you for your response, we are pleased that you agree with this proposal.
8 July 2022 Parent – Online I think this proposal is what Whitby children with SEND need. To be able to access mainstream school within a specialised unit is an excellent way forward for children who struggle in the environment of mainstream school but do not need to access special school provision. Having access to additional therapies will only benefit the pupils and further their own success. Highly trained staff who understand the young people’s needs will enable the environment to be a happy, settled place for children to feel safe and reach their full potential.

Thank you for your response, we are pleased that you agree with this proposal.

As you mentioned, all of the specialist support within a mainstream setting will allow these pupils to flourish.

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