Brompton Hall School – Public meeting notes (5 July 2022)

Brompton Hall online consultation 1:  5 July 2022

North Yorkshire County Council Attendees: Chris Reynolds, Jane Le Sage, Wendy Butterfield

Attendees: Unison representative 

Chris Reynolds opens the meeting and welcomes attendees, proceeds to give presentation.

Following the conclusion of the presentation Chris Reynolds asks for questions from audience.

Unison: Shared concern over staff worries linked to this proposal alongside Ofsted and academisation. She also asked if this proposal would impact on Welburn Hall.

Chris Reynolds: Reassured the Unison representative that it would not impact on Welburn Hall as the pupils have different needs, so the same pupils are unlikely to meet the same criteria. He also suggested an additional session for staff to support with their concerns.

Unison: Asked if VENN are involved in the consultation and will they see the feedback.

Chris Reynolds: Explained that there have been monthly meetings with VENN to share feedback. The decision is hoping to be made in November before a possible conversion in December 2022. Reminded everyone that no decision has been made at this point.

No further comments.

Chris Reynolds closed the meeting.