School organisation proposals to add provision for Special Educational Needs in the form of Targeted Provision at Caedmon College, Whitby

School and local authority details

Proposals published by us to make significant changes (‘prescribed alterations’) to Caedmon College Whitby (community secondary school), Prospect Hill, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 1LA.

Description of alterations and evidence of demand

Proposals by us to add provision reserved for children with special educational needs in the form of targeted provision from 1 January 2023. This will support up to 8 full time pupils with communication and interaction needs.

Objectives (including how the proposal would increase educational standards and parental choice)

The main objective of these proposals is to ensure that the appropriate provisions are in place to implement the policy of targeted mainstream provision which has been agreed by local authority, following public consultation, as a key part of the special educational needs strategic plan in September 2018. The underlying objective of the whole strategy is to ensure that there are sufficient places at which pupils with special educational needs can get the education they deserve within the most appropriate setting.

Targeted mainstream provision is intended to address a gap in the continuum of provision that currently exists due to there being insufficient full time places for children and young people whose needs dictate that they need significant additional support as well as access to a mainstream school curriculum.

To address this gap the local authority developed a proposal for a new model of targeted provision which was approved as part of the strategic plan in September 2018. The development of targeted provision is in line with the principles described in the Strategic Plan which promotes an inclusive culture and ethos, joint accountability for children and young people and right support, right place, right time.

The effect on other educational institutions within the area

The proposed targeted mainstream provision will form part of the range of educational opportunities within north Yorkshire and will support pupils who require additional special educational needs support but for whom a special school placement is not appropriate. Therefore this will have a positive impact on other schools and academies. Where pupils in other schools and academies are identified as having a level of need where further support is needed than a standard mainstream school is able to provide the possibility and suitability of a placement at a targeted mainstream provision will be considered as an option for that pupil. Clearly this will support mainstream schools but will also support special schools by ensuring that places in special schools are available for pupils for whom that is the best option.

Project costs and indication of how these will be met, including how long-term value for money will be achieved


The financial model for this service has been based on the following assumptions:

  • the new service will operate with 8 place provisions with each provision attracting planned place funding of £6,000 plus per pupil funding allocations where pupils are on roll in the unit, or £4,000 where places are empty at the point of the census. This guarantees resources of circa £10,000 per place – in line with Special school funding arrangements 
  • schools will receive “top-up funding” allocations in line with the assessment of need defined in the individual pupils education health care plan using the banded funding methodology, introduced in April 2019
  • it is assumed that the “top-up funding” allocations are expenditure that the authority would have incurred regardless of this development because the education health care plans are already in place and funds would follow the child whatever setting / provision they are educated in
  • start-up costs up to a maximum of £10,000 earmarked for each new provision to cover learning resources, IT revenue costs and a provision for staff learning and development


Capital investment will be required to ensure that the space identified for the targeted mainstream provision is fit for purpose. The school has identified their needs within their bids to host the new targeted mainstream provision.

It is anticipated, from the information provided by school, that the cost of works to adapt and create additional space would be around £20,000. Further work is now being conducted to verify these costs subject to approval from executive.

Implementation plan

Schools have the flexibility to refine their model of delivery but in general the new provision will:

  • provide a minimum of 8 full time places for 6 children and young people with an education, health and care plan and 2 ‘flexible’ places for children needing to access the provision for short term assessment and support
  • specialise in meeting the needs of children and young people with social, emotional and mental health or communication and Interaction needs at primary and secondary level
  • have access to a range of therapies and training opportunities to ensure children are fully supported
  • increase the opportunities for children and young people with special educational needs to access mainstream education together with more specialised small group interventions and support
  • be funded on a ‘place’ basis similar to special schools and in line with national guidance

Places at targeted mainstream provisions will be offered to pupils where the local authority has identified through an education health and care plan (EHCP) that the pupil’s needs are best met at this kind of provision. The local authority will offer that place following consultation with the headteacher of the targeted mainstream provision.


The county council consulted specifically on the school organisation proposals from 16 June to 29 July 2022. A copy of the consultation paper is attached as Appendix 1. A list of the consultees is attached as Appendix 2. An online public consultation meetings was held and notes are attached as Appendix 3. The consultation responses received are attached as Appendix 4.

Related proposals

This proposal is not related to any other proposals.

Procedure for making responses (support, objections and comments)

Within four weeks from the date of publication of this proposal, any person may object to or make comments on the proposal by contacting us.