Vehicle tracking privacy notice

This privacy notice is designed to help you understand how and why fleet management services, integrated passenger transport (IPT), process your personal data whilst you are using or being allocated a council controlled vehicle. This notice should be read in conjunction with our corporate privacy notice.

Who are we?

We are a ‘data controller’ as defined by article 4(7) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR). We have appointed Veritau to be our data protection officer.

Their contact details are:

Information Governance Office


West Offices

Station Rise


North Yorkshire



Tel: 01904 552848

What personal information do we collect?

When using or having allocated to you, a vehicle under the control of fleet management team, the following information will be associated with your use of that vehicle and will be collected, stored and processed:

  • a unique tag or identifying label that will associate you to the vehicle and its use whilst allocated to you

Collected data will include:

  • time logging
  • speed of the vehicle
  • driving style
  • locations

Why do we collect your personal information?

We collect your information to:

  • monitor speed, driving style and location and collect car fault codes
  • ensure fleet cars are being used and driven responsibly in accordance with allowed purposes

In addition, the information may be used to:

  • protect you in the event of a road traffic accident or incident to establish any responsibility
  • monitor you (and the vehicles) whereabouts from a duty of care perspective

Potentially, through the capture of speeding events or inappropriate vehicle utilisation, it may lead to management and/or disciplinary action and in developing performance and/or capability actions, all in line with our policy and procedures. Information could also be used in criminal investigations and insurance disputes where properly allowed.

Who do we share this information with?

Information will be shared with line managers. It may also be shared with human resources if it indicates reckless driving, persistent speeding or misuse of a fleet car.

Information may be shared with police in the event of a road traffic accident if the driver or asset is missing or at the request of the police. Information could be shared with insurance companies in insurance disputes where properly allowed.

How long do we keep your information for?

Data held

Retention period

Employee and line manager viewed collected telematics data as part of vehicle use and its tracking. The data collected includes your location, how long the vehicle has been driven for, and your driving style – acceleration, braking and cornering)

For the employees view, data will be retained (viewable) on the web portal for a rolling 28 days. For the line managers view, data will be retained (viewable) for a rolling 3 months. Line manager summary report data will be retained (viewable) for the duration of the contract.

Collected data on the Ctrack system under the control of system operator.

Ctrack will source data (this will include trip summary data) for the term of the contract which is three years with a possible one year and another possible one year extension and will be retained for a further two years.

What is our lawful basis for processing your information?

This information is being processed under article 6(f) legitimate Interests. In this case, the legitimate interests are protecting our fleet from misuse and in relation to the duty of care to employees.

For more information about how we use your data, including your privacy rights and the complaints process, please see our corporate privacy notice.