Media, press, publicity and branding

Find out about media, press, publicity and branding, including our logo guidance.

Our aim is to openly and honestly provide the media, our partners and the public with news and information about the council, its members, services and achievements. We can also provide our corporate design and branding guidelines for use in external communications.

Media enquiries

All media enquiries from journalists (press, radio and television) should be directed to our communications team.


County Hall


North Yorkshire



Latest news

All our press releases can be read here.

Media and publicity protocol

We obey the national code of recommended practice on local authority publicity. We do not use our resources to promote a particular political view, or to influence the public on policy.

Corporate branding guidelines

If you need to use any of our logos or branding in any documentation or online please contact so we can advise.

Further questions?

Please contact for any further questions about media protocol, design templates or branding.