Big Community Switch to cut energy costs enters next phase

The latest phase of a scheme to help householders in parts of North Yorkshire save money on their energy bills is under way.

Householders in the former Ryedale and Scarborough local authority areas can register to take part in an energy auction as part of the nationwide Big Community Switch supported by the council.

The scheme, hosted by iChoosr, aims to see if householders can save money on their energy bills by securing competitive tariffs with trusted energy suppliers. Registrations are open now ready for the auction on 9 January.

The amount of money that can be saved will vary depending on individual factors, such as the current tariff, payment method, energy consumption and the winning bid. Savings, or where there are no savings, are clearly displayed in the personal offer received. There is no guarantee that an offer will be the cheapest, but the model aims to ensure most people are offered lower annual energy bills than they are currently paying or are available at the time of the offer. 

Sign up to the Big Community Switch.