Can you help the Hobs hidden around Northallerton?

The Mowbrees, a sometimes helpful, sometimes mischievous family of hobs, are now out and about in Northallerton – digitally, at least.

They are the stars of a new digital trail launched on the Discover Northallerton app.

The Mowbree hob family outside the Town Hall

The Hobs Family at Northallerton Town Hall

For centuries, people in Yorkshire have told stories of magical creatures called hobs. They love to be helpful and can often be found lending a hand in farmers’ fields, cleaning homes or doing other useful jobs. But beware, they also love a good prank.

In the new heritage trail, the cheeky hobs take visitors to Northallerton on a journey around the town. Users have to find each member of the Mowbrees and help them to do good deeds – or join in their mischief.

The Hobs in Gardener court

The Hobs Family in Gardener court.

This is the second trail to be launched on the smartphone-based app. The main one is a heritage trail that uses augmented reality to recreate historic sites, has old images and lots of information about a wide range of sites across the town centre.

This new trail is designed for children and has an autumn theme.

Find the Discover Northallerton app and access both the trails.