Disabled people - independence at home

If you are disabled or recovering after an illness, we can help you to be independent in your home and to access specialist equipment and support.

AskSARA online self-assessment

Use the free AskSARA self-assessment tool to discover ways of helping yourself with daily activities at home.

Sight or hearing difficulties

If you have a sight or hearing difficulty, you could benefit from care services through a needs assessment. 

We provide information and advice on:

  • helping you to maintain your independence
  • specialist equipment training

You can find more details on our hearing and vision impairment page.

Home adaptations and aids

If you have difficulties managing in your home, it may be possible to alter or adapt your property. We offer services and support for independent living. 

A first step might be to fill in our AskSARA needs assessment form. This will give you an idea of what you might need, and who to turn to. Someone from social care services can visit your home to discuss your needs. 

Following a stay in hospital

Get help from rehabilitation services if you have recently had a stay in hospital, or are recovering after an illness or fall. See our help returning home after hospitalisation page or contact us


Telecare uses a range of sensors to assist you to live at home. They link to a Lifeline (a kind of telephone) used to get help if it's needed.

Telecare can:

  • remind you to take medication
  • alert family, carers or emergency services if you suffer a fall

See our telecare page for more information.

You can find more details of the support you may receive in the social care support section

Support for carers

We offer information, advice and other services to carers across North Yorkshire. See the carers pages for more details.

Further information

More information is available on the NHS Choices social care and support guide on the NHS website.