Social care out of hours support

Help with social care emergencies outside office hours.

Contact the team outside office hours

Contact the team outside office hours, including weekends and public holidays. Contact us.

The social care team carries out urgent assessments of adults, young people and children and solves more than 90 per cent of cases by giving telephone advice.

Contacting the emergency duty team

When you contact the emergency duty team the duty worker will need to know:

  • the reason for your call
  • your name and address and phone number
  • details of any other people concerned
  • if you are receiving help from anybody in social care services

All information is treated in confidence. We can still talk to you even if you don’t want to tell us your personal details. 

Urgent situations and emergencies

In an urgent situation the duty team will become involved to ensure safety. These situations could include:

  • serious child protection and welfare concerns (for example if you think a child is being ill-treated or neglected)
  • urgent assistance and advice is required by families and/or carers
  • older people are at risk
  • requests for a Mental Health Act assessment
  • people who are vulnerable because of a disability need assistance

Most cases are dealt with over the phone but there are some more urgent situations that may require a team member to visit you or the person with the problem.

Non-emergency problems

You can still contact us. The team may be able to provide you with advice or refer you to someone else that can help.