Backdating Housing Benefit in the Ryedale area

We usually pay Housing Benefits from the Monday after we get your claim but, in some circumstances, we can pay from an earlier date. 

The backdated benefit is paid for a period prior to the date that an application form is received. 

Pension age claimants can receive up to three months automatic backdate from the date we received the request.

Working age claimants can apply for up to one month from the date we received the request. However, you must prove that there was a good reason why you did not apply for the benefit at the time for it to be awarded. 

Some examples of good reasons are: 

  • you could not have immediately claimed as you were in or just leaving hospital
  • you have been ill and no one could make a claim on your behalf
  • you received the wrong advice from the Benefits Service, Jobcentre Plus, Citizens Advice Bureau or another official body
  • you did not understand that you could claim due to your age, health, inexperience or language difficulties
  • you are unable to manage your affairs but you do not have an appointee 

In most circumstances, we may ask you to provide evidence, for example, if you were ill, we may need to see a letter from your doctor confirming this.

You can request to backdate your claim through the online form when you apply for Housing Benefit or, if you have already applied, you can write to us up to one month from the date on the benefit decision notice.