Garden waste collection service

Apply, pay, renew and subscribe to fortnightly garden waste collections for your home or business.

What counts as garden waste?

Our garden waste collection crews collect a wide variety of garden and green waste. Find out what you can put in your garden waste bin.

When is garden waste collected?

Collections run for 12 months, starting in April. There is a seasonal break in the winter, usually between December and February.

How is garden waste collected?

How your garden waste is collected depends on where you live. Your garden waste might be collected in: 

  • a brown bin
  • a green bin
  • compostable liners
  • garden waste sacks or bags

If you have a lot of garden waste you may pay for additional garden waste bins.

Garden waste subscription fees

There is an annual subscription fee for the garden waste service. You can find out how much it costs in your area on your local page.

Apply, pay, renew and subscribe to your local garden waste collections

Where you live affects how you book and pay for the garden waste service. Use our town and village lookup tool to find out about the garden waste service in your area.

From your local page you can:

  • pay online for garden waste collections
  • sign up and subscribe to garden waste collections
  • renew an existing garden waste subscription
  • find out about specific garden waste services in your area
  • request to remove a garden waste bin if you no longer require the service (only available in certain areas)
  • enquire about local eligibility
 Find out about this service in your area
We deliver this service differently depending on where it is. Use our online service so we can direct you to the right part of our website.