Richmondshire area bereavement service fees

Bereavement costs for the Richmondshire area, including interments, purchasing of exclusive burial rights and monuments.

Price information

These fees apply to the cemeteries in Richmond, Grinton/Reeth and Wensley

You can also  download a copy of the fees (pdf / 193 KB).


Interments Price
A stillborn child, or child under one month £211
Child under 18 years £123
Standard interment (person 18 and over) £950
Cremated remains £241

The interment fees in all cemeteries are doubled when interment takes place: 

  • outside 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • when the person interred did not live in Richmondshire (exceptions apply if the person had close family already interred within the cemetery or had lived in the district for more than half their life)

Purchase of exclusive burial right

Purchase of exclusive burial right Price
Earthen grave (8 feet by 3 feet) £818
Grave for stillborn child  £416
Cremated remains £241


These may only be placed on a grave when the Exclusive Rights of Burial has been granted.
Flat stone (under one metre) £320
Headstone, cross of foot-stone (maximum one metre in height) £320
Vase (under 18 inches in height)  £117
Search fee £50
Deed transfer of ownership £100
Copy of deeds £42
Use of Reeth Road Chapel £42

The fee for children (17 years and under) will be claimed by the council on the family's behalf from the Children's Funeral Fund.