Northallerton shop front improvement scheme

Get information about the Northallerton High Street Shop Front Improvement Scheme and the grant businesses can apply for.

Northallerton is one of 69 towns to be selected as a High Street Heritage Action Zone throughout England by Historic England. 

One of the key initiatives under Heritage Action Zone to help revive and strengthen Northallerton’s historic High Street is the Shop Front Improvement Scheme. The scheme will: 

  • improve shop fronts in line with their historic context 
  • foster a sense of pride in the high street 
  • encourage landlords to ensure their properties continue to be maintained to a high standard 

The Shop Front Improvement Scheme has been allocated a grant by Historic England to be spent over three years (2021-2024). Both the council and Northallerton Business Improvement District have added contributions to this to provide a higher intervention rate and to help bring more schemes forward.

Shop Front Improvement Grant 

We are offering grants to encourage retail businesses along Northallerton’s High Street to improve their shop fronts. The grants provide: 

  • up to 75% of total project costs 
  • a maximum fund of £25,000 

Frequently asked questions

What can the grant be used for and what work is eligible?

The grants are to repair the fabric of the front of your building(s). The design and materials should be informed by the vernacular of the historical townscape, and architectural period/vernacular of the property. 

Use the following criteria to determine whether you are eligible for the grant: 

  • condition – is the frontage in poor condition? 
  • appearance – does the shop front compliment the above façade? Is the frontage in scale to the initial building and neighbouring units? 
  • heritage façade – is the façade/shop front of historic value? 
  • prominence – is the building in a location which naturally draws attention? 
  • grouping of units – are there a number of units sitting next to each other that could be developed together and therefore could create a greater impact?  
  • strategic fit – are the units connected/linked to other improvement projects? 

How much grant can you receive?

The grant will only fund up to 75% of the value of the work. The remaining 25% must be paid by the applicant.

Who can apply for a grant?

You must meet the following grant criteria: 

  • you own or lease the property (the lease must have at least three years still to run) 
  • if you don’t own or lease the property, the application must be made jointly with the owner or leaseholder. A lease with a break clause in it will not be acceptable 
  • you must not have previously received a grant or loan from the Heritage Action Zone or Historic England 
  • your company must not have had £315,000 or more of public subsidy assistance in the last three financial years 
  • the property must be in the designated HAZ project area as shown in the area of interest map shown in the application form

Download the  Northallerton shop front improvement scheme application form (pdf / 438 KB) and return it with drawings, schedules and photographs to: 

Shop Front Improvement Grant Team 
Business and Economy 
North Yorkshire Council 
Civic Centre, Stone Cross 
Rotary Way 
Northallerton, DL6 2UU