Transforming Care

What is Transforming Care and Building the Right Support?

The ‘Building the Right Support’ North Yorkshire and York local strategic plan aims to transform services for people of all ages with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition.

This is in line with the national plan to develop community services and close inpatient facilities. No area should need more inpatient capacity than is necessary.

Dynamic Support Register – Children and Young People

A Dynamic Support Register has been developed by multi-agencies to be shared across Partners in line with NHS England requirements.

This describes a dynamic process for risk stratification of the local population of people with a learning disability, autism or both who display behaviour that challenges. Within this dynamic risk stratification process, a key element is a register of those at risk of admission.

Clinical Commissioning Groups are required to develop a Register of those ‘at risk of admission’ in line with NHS England Care and Treatment Review policy and guidance. The Register should identify and provide increased vigilance and improved strategic planning, for those at high risk of placement breakdown/hospital admission ensuring proactive monitoring, intervention and support.

More information on Transforming Care is contained in the Council of Disabled Children’s information sheet.

Care and Education Treatment Reviews

What is Care and Education Treatment Reviews?

If a young person is either in a mental health hospital, or there are concerns that they might need to be admitted to hospital for their mental health needs, then a Care and Education Treatment Review may be suggested. This is a multi-agency meeting that brings the professionals involved in a young person’s care together.

What happens at a Care and Education Treatment Review?

A Care and Education Treatment Review meeting lasts for full day and is led by a panel that includes, a chair person who is from the local clinical commissioning group, a clinical expert, and an expert by experience (a parent/carer who has similar experiences). The panel look at the current care and treatment needs, by reviewing care plans and assessments, and finding out the views and wishes of the young person, family and professionals. The panel then make recommendations that are shared with the family and the lead professionals involved, with the aim that these may help support the young person’s needs to be met in the community where possible.

Who is eligible and who can refer?

Young people with a diagnosis of Autism and/or Learning Disability, who are either in hospital or being considered for admission to hospital due to their mental health needs, should have a Care and Education Treatment Review. Referrals can be made by professionals involved in the young persons’ care. Families can request for a Care and Education Treatment Review through their lead professional.

Young People with a diagnosis of autism and/or learning disability who are receiving intensive support for their mental health needs should also be included on the Dynamic Support Register, which is held with the clinical commissioning group. This raises awareness with professionals that additional support may be required and ensures a Care and Education Treatment Review is offered at the right time.

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